Version Watch: DropCopy 1.66

News, Software Updates

DropCopy is now at version 1.66

This update brings some new features related to customizing the location of the dropzone, settings for whether to overwrite existing files, and improved support for contextual menus.

dropcopy_icon Download the latest version

Mobile DropCopy updated to 1.8 (with loads of new features)

News, Software Updates

Mobile DropCopy has been updated to 1.8 (App Store approval pending).

This update brings a host of features that tie into the 3.0 firmware update. As promised, you can now transfer clipboards back and forth between iPods, iPhones and Macs. But we’ve also added some new interface goodness in the form of image previews for image files, and the ability to save a DropCopied image to your iPhone’s camera roll.

Interesting side-note: the most frequent use of Mobile DropCopy, according to our users, is to wirelessly transfer images taken on the iPhone to their computers. Whatever works!

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DropCopy updated to 1.5.3

Software Updates

DropCopy is now at version 1.5.3 – most of you will be alerted and asked if you would like to update automatically the next time DropCopy is launched. This is a maintenance update, fixing a few bugs that affected individual users with special network situations. In general, however, this version is more reliable at finding and connecting to other DropCopy users across a wider range of network configurations than previous versions, and is a recommended update for all users.

dropcopy_icon Download DropCopy version 1.5.3

New updates to DropCopy and IP Scanner

News, Software Updates

DropCopy is now at version 1.5.2 and IP Scanner has been updated to 2.33.
Both are available for download now. Get ’em while they’re hot!

PS: If you are a user of mobile DropCopy on the iPhone, we definitely encourage you to upgrade your desktop version to this latest version – you’ll get support for sending iWork files (with previews) and sending entire folders of files.  Note – with great power comes great responsibility: large numbers of files in DropCopy mobile will slow down your iPhone syncing with iTunes, as it will try to backup all of your DropCopy data as well.

dropcopy_icon Download DropCopy version 1.5.2

ipscanner_icon Download IP Scanner version 2.33