Stuck App Store Updates


Any of these stories sound familiar?

“The App Store says there is a new update, but it won’t let me install it”

“On my MAC, it shows that it requires an update but when I go to get it on the App store, it says “installed” and won’t let me update. Cannot get the “flag” to reset.”

“Apple App Store shows 1 Update available. The app shows up on the drop-down as “Installed”. Nothing happens when I click on “Installed”. How can I get the dammed thing to go away?”

We’re not sure why the App Store gets stuck sometimes, but the only resolution that seems to work is to delete the app, empty the trash, and reinstall it. Not a great user experience, we know.

Once you’ve deleted the app, here are the direct links to grab them again from Apple, or simply go to your ‘Purchases’ tab in the App Store and you should now be able to download the latest version from there.


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