IP Scanner

IP Scanner for Macintosh scans your local area network to determine the identity of all active machines and internet devices on the LAN. Powerful results, yet easy and intuitive to use. Runs on OS X 10.4 and above. Free to use on small networks (up to 6 devices) and $45.00 for larger networks.

IP Scanner
IP Scanner is designed to allow you to customize your scan results; once a device has been identified, you may assign it a custom icon and name to more easily recognize it at a glance.

Other notable features:

• Sort network list by device name, IP address, MAC address or Last Seen

• Get an overview of the current network or view changes over time in the ‘cumulative mode’

• Highly configurable display – don’t need to see the MAC address column…don’t display it! Text too small…make it larger!!

• Double-click a device to obtain more information and to customize its appearance; assign custom icons based on MAC address or IP number

• Add devices you know to a whitelist to better highlight new/unknown ones

• Right-click a device to initiate Ping or port scans

• Local network segments are scanned automatically; custom ranges may be added manually


Also see IP Scanner Mobile for iPhone/iPad

Latest Version (Dual Binary (Intel/Apple Silicon)

OS X 10.11 Big Sur or later)

Download IP Scanner (free)

Purchase extended license* ($45.00)

Previous Version (Intel only)

Mac OS X 10.7 – 10.15)

Download IP Scanner 3.99 (free)

Older Version (PPC compatible!)

Universal Binary (Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6)

Download IP Scanner 3.0 (free)

Also available on the App Store

Want to get the most out of IP Scanner? Check out the IP Scanner FAQ for helpful solutions and tips.

How to use your free license for IP Scanner Mobile (only works for those with a valid site license and for devices running iOS 7 or later):

1) Download the free version of IP Scanner from the App Store on your iOS device

2) Make sure the iPhone/iPod is connected to the same network as the computer on which you have a licensed copy of IP Scanner for the Mac

3) Launch both the Mac and Mobile versions of IP Scanner (it doesn’t matter which is launched first)

4) The iPhone/iPod will “see” the licensed Mac version and update itself to also be licensed; this change is now permanent and you no longer need to have the Mac version running to use IP Scanner Mobile