Video Playlist Manager for iOS

Video Playlist Manager for iPad, iPhone and iPod is a professionally designed, stand-alone video playback system for creating and editing multiple playlists directly on your iOS device. Playlists play in a continuous loop, and can be optionally password protected.

Clear controls for starting & stopping playback, skipping forward and back in a playlist, along with fullscreen support and the iPad’s famously long battery-life, combine to make this app part of an ideal solution for creating elegant, self-contained video displays at trade shows and other events. Simply prop up the iPad, hit play, and walk away.

VPM is a powerful advertising tool for professionals in many situations, including:

  • as a self-contained display at a trade show or conference
  • realtors can have a video playlist of their available homes playing on the welcome table, in their office or at an open house
  • artists can display a video playlist of their work at a gallery, looping indefinitely

    Unique branding features:

    You can feature your logo floating in front of the video at whatever size and location you wish. Similarly, you can choose to display your logo or any other image in between each video.

    Kiosk mode:

    VPM offers an optional Kiosk presentation mode that sports a simplified UI that hides most management controls.

    External displays:

    VPM doesn’t just support external displays; it also offers overscan controls to match the video output of most displays and projectors.

    Playback and management are easy and intuitive:

    By default, videos are played in a continuous loop, and may be paused and restarted at any time. Clips may also be rearranged on the fly, with selected videos skipped or played. Groups of clips can additionally be organized into separate playlists and saved independently. You’re in control.

    Password protection:

    You may assign a password to prevent the editing of an existing playlist, or even to prevent the launching of the app at all by an unauthorized person.

    We recommend the free, multi-platform, video transcoding tool Handbrake to prepare your videos for use in Video Playlist Manager on the iPad:

    Need some help with VPM? Check our FAQ.
    NOTE: this is not an app to organize existing movies in your iTunes library – Apple does not currently allow access to these files by third parties.

    Try VPM out for FREE – the lite version contains the entire feature set but is limited in the number of clips you can import.
    Download Video Playlist Manager Lite