DropCopy Mobile

Like its desktop cousin, the mobile version of DropCopy is simply the easiest way to send files between any combination of iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and Macintosh computers on your local wireless network and across the world via the internet.

We’re going to say this again because it is so cool: you can transfer your files from one iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to another iPhone, iPod or iPad without a computer being involved – the devices simply “see each other” when they are all on the same wifi network.

There are many uses for DropCopy in addition to the standard “take your files with you” scenario.

Use DropCopy to preview many common media file types – you can even read entire multi-page PDFs in fullscreen view with rotation support!

And because not all data comes in files, you can use DropCopy to share clipboards between all your iOS devices and Macs. Imagine ‘copying’ an address, URL, note or recipe on your Mac and then simply ‘pasting’ it on your iPad!

DropCopy mobile comes in two flavors, free and pro. Both let you take your files with you. The “Pro” version includes unlimited file previews while the free version gives you 25 free previews, with an in-app upgrade possible to unlock unlimited previews.

Other primary features are listed in the table below:

File previews – preview the contents of a wide variety of file types, including Word, PDF, various image formats, iWork and more
Direct access to Photo Library – browse and send full-resolution photos from your photo library directly to your Mac, wirelessly
Clipboard sharing – send and receive clipboard contents from another DropCopy user, whether on a mobile device or on a Mac
Private messages – send short private messages to other DropCopy users
Save images to Camera Roll
Email files – any file in your DropCopy repository may be sent to another person as an email attachment


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