IP Scanner Mobile

Warning: it is not currently possible to read MAC addresses of nearby devices directly in iOS. As a workaround, use the Mac OS X version of the scanner to share its MAC address database with the iOS version.

• For iOS 7 and iOS 8 compatibility, look for IP Scanner Legacy on the app store.

TIP: Looking primarily to manage IP/network cameras? We’ve got an app for that: CamScan

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IP Scanner for iPod/iPhone/iPad is the quickest way to get an overview of active devices on your wireless network.

Once IP Scanner has detected a device, it will attempt to identify it based on its network ‘fingerprint’. You may also assign custom names and badges to devices that you recognize, to aid in visually recognizing that same device in a future scan. Custom names may be imported and exported from the desktop version of IP Scanner, and the full results may be emailed or printed directly from your iOS device.

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• extremely fast scan results
• Ping, Portscan, WOL tools built right in
• jump right to your native VNC, web browser or any custom service directly from the scan results
• customizable display options
• assign your own names and icons to discovered devices
• import your own images
• export, email & print scan results
• synchronize customizations across devices using iCloud
• save and import custom device lists

Direct App-Store link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ip-network-scanner/id335517657

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Also see IP Scanner for Macintosh and IP Scanner TV for Apple TV.

In Brief:

IP Scanner –

IP Network Scanner for iPod/iPhone/iPad is the quickest way to get an overview of connected devices on your wireless network.

REQUIRES iOS: 7.0 and up

Price: $19.99