CrossWalk is an interactive subway map & cross-street calculator for NYC commuters. Feed it an address like “1337 Broadway” and it will produce the cross-street (approximately 35th st., btw). There’s also a gorgeously rendered, scrollable subway map.

Lets face it: there are multiple NYC “map apps” on the appstore – why choose ours?

A) We have the best maps. Drawn from satellite images by professional designers, these maps looks great at every resolution.

B) You can use this app with one hand – all controls are accessible with the thumb alone. Double-tapping zooms to any resolution – no need to pinch (…of course you can do that too if you want to).

C) Ever gotten an address like 666 5th ave and been left wondering what the cross street was? We thought so. We’ve got the solution with a built-in cross-street calculator.

D) We are New Yorkers ourselves, and we use this app EVERY SINGLE DAY.