Media Playlist Manager FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about Media Playlist Manager.

If you still need more help, head on over to the Support Forum or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I import new clips into MPM?

Currently, you may import media files into Media Playlist Manager in one of six ways:

>Use the ‘File Sharing’ feature in iTunes. Media Playlist Manager will appear under the ‘Applications’ tab when you sync your iPad with iTunes. Click to highlight it, then drag files in the adjacent ‘Documents’ window. For more info, see: or this tutorial with images from the Mac Observer:

>Use the ‘open in’ feature available in Mail and in many third-party apps, such as GoodReader.

>Use the ‘import files’ feature in this app to import images and videos directly from your Camera Roll.

>Use our free Mac file transfer tool, DropCopy. For more info, see: /macintosh-software/dropcopy/. Once you have DropCopy installed and running on your Mac, launch Media Playlist Manager on your iOS device. Now you may drag individual clips onto the DropCopy circle on your Mac and they should be sent over WiFi to your mobile device. You will see a progress bar in MPM showing the transfer status.

>If you are a DropBox customer, simply enable DropBox support from the ‘Playlists’ tab in the Settings app. This will create a ‘Media Playlist Manager’ folder in your DropBox into which you can add compatible .mp4 videos, PDFs, Word documents and JPG or PNG image files. These items will be synced to MPM the next time you launch the app.

>If you use iCloud drive, enabling iCloud support from the ‘Playlists’ tab in the Settings app (enabled by default) leads to the creation of a new folder in your iCloud drive into which you can add compatible .mp4 videos, PDFs, Word documents and JPG or PNG image files. These items will be synced to MPM the next time you launch the app.

How do I change the order of clips in my playlist?

>Look for the sort handles to the right of each row.
>Tap and hold the sort handle until the row appears to lift out of its position in the list.
While still keeping your finger on the sort handle, move the row to the desired position in the list.

My movie or clip won’t play in MPM!

iPad only supports video clips of a certain size and bit-rate (this is a limitation of the iPad, not Media Playback Manager). There are a number of free applications that convert video clips into the proper format. We usually use Handbrake ( and select the iPod Touch preset. Also, Apple’s own Quicktime player provides for conversion to the proper format (as a rule of thumb, if there is no iPad-specific option, the iPad and iPod Touch can be considered equivalent in terms of which settings to use when exporting).

How do I delete clips?

>iPad: To delete or modify media files you must select the MASTER LIBRARY from the left sidebar. Then you may either tap the gear icon to the right of each item, or you can swipe the row from right to left to bring up the delete control.
>iPhone: From the Playlist Options menu in the Manage Playlists tab, select Delete Clips. Tap the delete control to the left of the item you wish to remove.
>Tap to confirm the deletion.

How do I stop a video or playlist that is playing fullscreen – there aren’t any controls visible!

Running playlists may be stopped in two ways:
>Triple-tap the screen. The currently playing clip will fade out and you will be returned to the control screen.
>Single-tap the screen to reveal the playback controls; then tap the ‘Done’ button in the upper toolbar (iOS 5) or the ‘Stop Sign’ icon in the lower toolbar (iOS6).

How do loop a playlist when playing back content on an Apple TV?

Apple TV’s streaming protocol is not particularly flexible: once a video has finished, Apple TV generally dumps you back to its default interface before accepting the next stream.
However, if you engage mirroring mode (in which your iPad’s entire screen is mirrored on the TV) then you can successfully play a playlist with multiple clips and looping, because the video clip never technically stops (to the Apple TV, the stream just keeps going).

Can I skip around in my playlist when in fullscreen playback mode?

Yes. Swipe left with TWO FINGERS to skip to the next clip and swipe right with TWO FINGERS to return to go back to the previous clip.