How to use DropCopy’s new ‘share extension’


If you are running iOS 8 and have DropCopy mobile version 4.94 or later, you can now use our new share extension for DropCopy, which operates from the standard share sheet that is found in many 3rd party apps, as well as from default iOS apps such as Safari.  Whereas before you had to move a file to DropCopy in order to transfer it, you can now transfer URLs, text and other files directly from the host app using this extension; it’s a great new way to transfer files that’s easier than ever.

Here’s how it works:

Look for the ‘share’ button in compatible apps, such as Safari.


By default, all new extensions are disabled.  To enable them, scroll to the ‘More’ button in order to find and enable the DropCopy extension.


Swipe the switch next to DropCopy in order to enable it.

DropCopy should now appear as a valid destination for sharing.