The case of the vanishing MAC address, or “the 02:00:00:00:00:00 blues”…

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As of iOS7, software access to your device’s MAC address is restricted.

In order to view the local MAC address in IP Scanner Mobile it is now necessary to consult the General->About->Wi-Fi Address in the Settings app, and then copy/paste the address manually into the field labelled ‘Local MAC address’ in the IP Scanner prefs.

N.B. This pref is NOT in IP Scanner itself, but in the general Settings app on your iOS device home screen.

As soon as we have found a way to obtain the MAC address without this manual step, rest assured that we will integrate it ASAP but for the moment this is where we are. 🙁


IP Scanner prefs in Settings app

Using IP Scanner with Panic’s new Status Board app

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We’re all really excited at 10base-t about Panic’s new iPad app, Status Board. Of course, the first thing we set about doing was getting our popular network scanner, IP Scanner, to play nicely within Panic’s widget spec. While it works out of the box, we added a few features to make the experience smoother. Here’s how to get the most out of Status Board + IP Scanner:

Status Board integration necessitated adding a new function to our ‘reports’ feature, namely the ability to overwrite previous reports, instead of appending a date and time to each report file. You’ll find that feature in IP Scanner starting with version 3.12b8 (you can get it here:

We’ve also added a Status Board-specific output option, which is just a csv file containing Panic’s specifications for establishing column widths. We’ve found that the standard HTML output also looks great, and uses smaller fonts, which may work better for some.  It also includes the current Ping status for a device, if you have enabled that pref.

Then, tell IP Scanner to save reports at regular intervals to your DropBox , or other cloud storage account. Here’s a nice tutorial on doing just that.

Finally, make sure the new ‘overwrite’ option is checked, and with each report cycle the list will get published to the cloud and then picked up by Status Board.  Cool.


Status Board + IP Scanner

Status Board + IP Scanner

New ‘headless’ versions of DropCopy posted

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Our goal with DropCopy was always to get the UI out of your way. One of those ways for some people was to run DropCopy ‘headless’ – meaning it did not show up at all in the dock or the task manager as an active app. We even provided a pref to toggle that state on and off.

With OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and later, this is no longer possible because toggling this pref breaks the code signature of the app, effectively making it suspicious to the system from that moment onward.

To accomodate this, we now offer separate ‘headless’ versions of DropCopy:

New IP Scanner and DropCopy betas add Mac retina display support!

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IP Scanner version 3.01 and DropCopy 1.78 (both release-candidate betas) are now available for download. These updates include performance and stability enhancements, as well as retina display support!

ipscanner_icon Download the latest version here

dropcopy_icon Download the latest version here