Media Playlist Manager for iOS

Media Playlist Manager for iPad, iPhone and iPod is a professionally designed, stand-alone media playback system for creating and editing multiple playlists of video clips, text files and and PDFs directly on your iOS device. Playlists play in a continuous loop, starting over again at the beginning upon completion of the playlist.

Clear controls for starting & stopping playback, skipping forward and back in a playlist, along with fullscreen support and the iPad’s famously long battery-life, combine to make this app part of an ideal solution for creating elegant, self-contained video displays for public events. Professional-level support for sending the output to a projector or display screen, including multiple overscan options, is also included.

Media Playlist Manager supports the following file types:

Text: Word .doc .docx, Pages .pages, Rich Text Format .rtf
Document: .pdf
Image: .jpg, .png
Video: .mov, .mp4, .m4v

Need specific help using MPM? Check our FAQ.

10base-t Interactive offers two distinct media playlist apps; which one is for you?

Video Playlist Manager (as the name implies) focuses on video playlists, although it also supports PDFs. It is designed to be a marketing tool rather than an all-purpose media playback device. It contains branding and content locking features and in general is more oriented towards letting a non-technical end user view content. The consultants who helped design the features and interface for VPM work in artist management and real estate.

Media Playlist Manager is a streamlined version of our playlist playback engine, with all content management and playback options available from a single screen. It also supports popular image and text file formats. Media Playlist Manager is aimed at small businesses that need to create playlists to display content in a variety of formats. The consultants who helped design the features and interface for MPM work in retail and religious services.

We recommend the free, multi-platform, video transcoding tool Handbrake to prepare your videos for use in Media Playlist Manager:

NOTE: this is not an app to organize existing movies in your iTunes library – Apple does not currently allow access to these files by third parties.