DropBox Support RIP

DropBox began as a nice way to provide sync services between iOS and Mac OS platforms before there was a capable native solution from Apple. As Apple’s own iCloud sync service has improved, however, supporting two services that accomplish identical purposes has proven to be awkward.

We are therefore halting support for DropBox for these reasons: We spend a not-insignificant amount of time troubleshooting DropBox issues for our customers.

Previously, integrating DropBox was as simple as including their library and adding some “glue” code to our project. Apple’s recent move to Apple Silicon on Mac OS X, however, means the old DropBox package no longer works. Recompiling the DropBox frameworks for our project now requires drastic changes to our project hierarchy as DropBox no longer provides a simple plug-and-play solution but rather asks developers to download their source-code and compile it separately using 3rd party code management tools that must also be integrated into the main project. This is invasive, time-consuming and error-prone.

Apple has now enabled iCloud support for apps that are not distributed via the App Store. This enables robust sync support for all of our products on every supported platform without additional 3rd parties.

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