DropCopy Tips

> Click once on the dropzone (to make DropCopy the forground application) and hit apple+shift+r to bring up the destinations list manually (hit the key combination again to make the list go away). This makes it much easier to double-click on someone that you want to send a message to since the destinations menu is already open.

> You can quickly find an incoming file by looking in the ‘recent incoming files’ list in the DropCopy menu.

> Want to use your own custom dropzone images? No problem. Enable for the ‘Custom Dropzone’ item in the DropCopy prefs and follow the instructions.

> Don’t like how the dropzone fades out when there is no active transfer? you can override this with the ‘don’t fade out dropzone when idle’ pref.

> Make sure you also check out the DropCopy FAQ page for more helpful tips and solutions!

If you still need more help, head on over to the Support Forum or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help.